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The H7 Network's mission is to improve the development of professional relationships, boost the results from those relationships and unify professionals at a local level.

H7 Network

Where business owners, service professionals, and the self-employed create personal networks of referral partners, trusted experts, and friends for life.

We believe no businessperson should have to “do business” alone. That’s why we have built such an authentic community of almost 1000 business professionals that want to work with others to grow their business. Leave the “entrepreneurial island” and come to the H7 Network.

H7 is your HUB for 7 Resources for YOUR Business:.

  • Quality People
  • B2B Networking
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurial Development
  • Regional Exposure
  • Professional Dashboard
  • Core Training

H7 Network is:

  • A business development umbrella organization that can thrust you to the next level in your business through CONNECT, Evolve, Genesis, and Root.
  • A forum for sharing with others, establishing profitable relationships, mentoring others, and driving ideas into action.
  • A resource for entrepreneurial-minded business professionals to learn—and implement—new principles and processes into their businesses to grow beyond their wildest dreams.

What Members Are Saying...

"Half of my entire business’ sales came through referrals from TBN (H7) in my first year of membership." - Tom Bargsley, CPA

"What we do here at TBN (H7) goes beyond networking. You can attend multiple meetings under the same membership. With other groups, you can’t cross over from chapter to chapter unless you pay all these fees. In my 7 years at TBN (H7), I’ve met people who I know I’ll be friends with for the rest of my life." – Sherry Hoskins, Floral Designer

"In a given year, probably 75% or more of my business comes through networking. It’s the best way to maintain and grow your business. Almost all of that comes through TBN (H7). It’s not just the business I get from TBN (H7), it’s the people I met and the resources available if I have problems." – Bob Goldberg, Marketing Firm Owner

"I love being able to connect with people in the small group atmosphere during TBN (H7) meetings to get to know people, see who I might like to do business with, or even become referral partners for one another. It’s easy to have open conversations. In my first year as a member, I sourced over 120 clients through the group, and it’s only grown since then." – Stacy Do, Health & Wellness Specialist

  • Office Key
  • Net X Computers

Need More Proof? Heres What Other Members Are Saying!

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